Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Planner

Happy new year!

It's the first week of January 2013 and I'm going to be talking planners. ;-)

Last year, I've decided to keep a planner or journal to help me be organized but it was a major fail. I decided to get the Belle de Jour Power Planner because I'd been hearing a lot of buzz about it. I didn't like it.

Yes, it came with a lot of perks (discount coupons) and features but I guess it wasn't really for me. The pages were too busy for me. I realized I needed more negative space where I could write more stuff or draw. I need a whole page for a day and not just a single column (or half in Saturday's and Sunday's cases). Okay... so, maybe I'm not a fashionista, huh?

Another thing that I didn't like about the BDJ planner (aside from the lack of space despite it's size and thickness) was the paper quality. I want smooth and white paper.

Here's another reason why I stopped using my BDJ planner... mine was missing the first week of February. Yeah, you guessed it right, that's when I stopped using it. Haha. I didn't complain anymore because I didn't want to go through all the trouble. And here's another thing... I tried to claim my free Carbtrim and Athena milk samplers through email using the coupons (the only coupons I actually used) that came with the planner but was unsuccessful. I never received anything, not even an automated response to my email. I'm not even sure if they were checking those email accounts. Was I too late? I emailed last November but the coupons said I could use it until the last day of December.

No Starbucks planner for me, too, this year. I'd really love the green one (If there's anybody out there who wants to gift me one... go! Haha!) but I know I will just end up keeping it and not using it. I want a planner that I will use.

Anyways, the point of this post is that I finally found the planner for me! Yay! It's none other than Witty Will Save the World, Co.'s Witty Diary/Planner 2013! I love everything about it! The size is just perfect, it's not too big, not too small. The paper is smooth and clean. Each day has a page with bonus tidbits of interactive questionnaires. It's so witty and so quirky, just like me! Haha!

I pre-ordered my copy last November and I love it that tita Witty even included a personal note apologizing for the delay. That note added a lot of plus points!

Okay, enough said... here are some photos of the planner...


  1. Love your nails ha! And I want this. Waaah! Ano itsura ng pages for the day?

  2. This is so nice! Way to go Tita Witty (akala ko tita mo talaga sya hahaha)