Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Moving... Not Me.

Déménagement longue distance... are you doing a long distance moving anytime soon? My friend is and I, plus a couple more friends, are helping her organize the moving and the packing. Even with four of us helping her, the plans are still quite messy and disorganized. She is actually migrating to Canada and she is quite a very sentimental person, so... go figure! Haha! Yes, you guessed it... she can not let go of a lot of stuff and they are all moving with her.

Good thing a friend suggested we check out Montreal Movers. They offer a complete worry-free moving and packaging services covered by all the required guarantees and insurance. They also offer storage which is a good thing because I think my friend is going to need it. This is really a big help for her especially she going to move alone.

I'm also excited because after all the moving and unpacking comes the re-decorating! Yay! It's actually going to be a challenge cause we're going to help online only as we can't really go where she is. So, I'm expecting a LOT of online chats, pictures, sketches, etc. May we can also have an online pizza and beer party! This is becoming so exciting!

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