Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hair Care Products Update

I posted sometime last year that I tried out a couple of hair products hoping to improve my hair loss problem.  I tried the Lush Shampoo Bar first then after finishing the whole bar, I switched to Human Nature's Natural Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner.

Here's the verdict... I'll start with Human Nature first. Like what I said on my old post, I tried it first for a couple of weeks and noticed that my hair loss seemed to worsen. But I read on their site that you should continue using it for at least a month for it to take effect. They said that the hair loss was supposed to be a natural reaction since you're shifting to a chemical product to a natural one. I gave the product the benefit of the doubt and continued using it. My hair fall didn't stop, instead, it just kept worsening even after three months of use. So, no more Human Nature products for me. But take note that I think that this is case to case basis. My friend still swears it worked for her.

Now on to the Lush Shampoo Bar... after finishing the bar, I noticed some small hair but I wasn't sure if they're regrowth or old hair that became short due to breakage. I asked my nephew to examine them but he wasn't sure either. So, I asked my hair stylist. She confirmed that the small hair were regrowth. She could tell because they're thin. So, I bought me another bar and this time I also bought the Lush American Dream Hair Conditioner to pair with it.

Been using these products for a month now and so far, so good. The hair fall has been tamed already although it hasn't completely stopped. I haven't looked closely for regrowth but I'm sure it'll be noticeable soon.

The conditioner I LOVE! At first, I thought that it smelled too sweet, I like citrus-y smell more. But I got used to it already. It's true to its words that it is light and it doesn't weight the hair down. It is very easy to rinse off unlike other conditioners I've tried. And the scent stays on my for a really long time.

Below are some photos of the product descriptions.

Next time, I'm going to try their other conditioners.

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