Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Surprise Text Message

I don't answer calls on my mobile phone from numbers which are not in my contacts. I'm not sure why but I just don't. Maybe because I keep getting a lot of spam text messages and I get this feeling that the calls from unknown numbers are of the same kind. It's not like I can check whose numbers are those on but how I wish I could then life would be a lot more easier. This is one reason why I keep two mobile numbers. One is for personal use and the other is for public use... meaning, it's the number that I give to my clients and the one that I write down on forms that require contact numbers. I'm also thinking that if it's somebody I know and if the call is urgent then he should send me a text message if I really won't answer the call. This is what happened today.

I keep getting this call since yesterday but I kept ignoring it. Then tonight, I got a surprise text message. I won't tell you what exactly it was about but it was a very pleasant surprise. Something like I won something. And I'm really very, very, very happy about it. :)

Now, I'm having second thoughts on not answering calls from unknown numbers... :lol:

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