Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baby Hedgehogs

I was talking to a friend yesterday who was looking for nice dual diagnosis treatment centers (treatment centers for those with alcohol and/or drug problems as well as a psychiatric condition) when I received a text message from nephew asking me to feed and give water to his hedgehogs and so I did. I noticed that one of the pregnant hedgehogs was lying on top of a pile of wood shavings and thought it was cute. (They usually sleep curled up in one corner.) When my nephew arrived that night, I was going to tell him about it while taking a peek at that particular hedgehog when I noticed something different inside it's house. At first I thought that it was an unusually large poop but it's kinda reddish color and thought otherwise when it suddenly moved. Then I squealed because I realized it was a baby hedgehog and there were actually four of them! I had to shut my mouth and control my excitement because the mom wasn't done giving birth yet. I think she gave birth to five or six litters and they're all so cute!

I'll check if my nephew was able to take some pictures and will add them here later.

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