Monday, July 15, 2013

Paper Tapes

Had an unplanned trip again to Divisoria yesterday with my mom and my sister. I wasn't able to go around much again because, as always, it was crowded. I spent most of my time looking through stuff at a couple of stationery stores. There was too much to buy but very limited budget. Sigh. But I hoarded got a hold of these sets of paper tapes. They're no washi tapes but also pretty nonetheless... they'll be perfect for small art and craft projects.

paper tapes


  1. Ang cuuuuute nilang lahat! :-)

    I didn't know such colorful and decorative paper tapes exists. Wala kasi talaga sa bundok namin niyan eh hehe. Would hunt for them, too, in Divisoria someday.

    Na-miss kong dumaan dito.

  2. @Nortehanon Miss N! Wow, it's been awhile! I actually had to visit your blog to look you up. Haha! I miss visiting blogs of fellow Litratong Pinoy bloggers.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and hope you do visit again! :)

  3. These are sooooo nice, Buge!

  4. hi, may i know where exactly in divi did you buy those? and howmuch? :D thanks! ;-)

  5. Hi. You can find these at 168 Mall. :)